Modern businesses know that conventional access control systems no longer offer the security they need. Having keys for your doors may be easy. Still, at some point, it becomes more convenient and efficient to have electronic access control systems to determine who is authorized to go where.

No longer do employees have to manually keep track of everyone’s keys. Instead, employers can easily configure areas of the building by using an electronic access control system that only authorized persons can get to.

However, with employees and authorized personnel coming and leaving the business, security risks start getting bigger and bigger as more time goes on. At some point, you will need to update your access control system to ensure that your building is equipped with the latest available security features.

But how would you know when to upgrade your access control system? We’ll tell you when.

You’re still using physical keys for different doors

Physical keys are simple in getting a security job done. Only authorized persons have possession of the key, ensuring that access is limited only to them.

But as the years go by and you experience employee turnover along with reports of lost keys, who knows how many people actually have access to your building’s restricted areas?

Sure, past employees may have turned in their keys. Still, there’s really no foolproof way to ensure that keys have not somehow fallen into the hands of unauthorized individuals.

And do you really want to be replacing physical keys a few times a year? Not only are they costly, but they also take a lot of time. Then, after a few months, you’ll be repeating this cycle all over again.

You can solve this problem by installing an electronic access control system. Then, instead of fumbling around for keys that can be lost, you can quickly determine who can go where with just a few clicks from your computer or phone.

There’s also no waiting time, unlike with new keys. For example, suppose employees are replaced, or security permissions need to be changed. In that case, a quick update of your keycodes or keycards ensures that permission changes are done instantly without wasting too much time and resources.

Your business is scaling, and more people are coming in

Suppose you recently grew from dozens of employees to hundreds or thousands. In that case, it can be quite a hassle to ensure that everyone has keys. It’s also a more considerable pain to make sure that everyone has the correct keys. Eventually, someone loses their keys, and they’ll have to wait before they can get new ones.

If you scale this problem to hundreds of people, ensuring that everyone has the proper keys can be a logistical nightmare.

At some point, the costs of maintaining an old-school physical access control system will be greater than what you would incur if you just invested in a modern access control system.

With people moving up and down the ranks fairly regularly, it’s also easy to change access codes for individuals and groups at the same time.

The more people that are working in the same building, the bigger the need is to get a centralized access control system that can be managed from anywhere at any time.

Your access control system’s software is outdated

In an age of computer technology, hackers and other unsavory people are constantly trying to get into computer systems. Big computer companies like Microsoft regularly send out software updates to keep pace with hackers constantly developing new ways to exploit vulnerable systems.

The same logic should apply to your access control system. In the same way that new exploitation methods are constantly being found, developers often release updates to address these recent vulnerabilities.

Access control companies like Brivo take this a step further and automatically send updates for users. They also provide lifetime product warranties so that their clients are always at ease knowing that their security systems are always up to date.

We are more than 20 years into the 2000s. If your access control system software is still from 2005, you might want to update your software before anyone else gets into your system without permission.

You want to be at the forefront of security technology

If you are a more prominent company and want to attract only the best employees to work for you, that can be an uphill battle if people see your building and see outdated access control systems.

Whether you’re still using physical locks or you’re using electronic access control systems that are more than 10 years old, you would be hard-pressed to find highly capable workers for you if your business is not projecting modernity and security.

If you are also a company that regularly gets visits from high-value clients and other visitors, it’s difficult to show that you can provide safety if your access control systems do not show this. Imagine walking into the building of one of the country’s top technology companies, and the manager is carrying a huge keyring everywhere. It’s not exactly the best way to make your visitors feel safe in your building.

You want to show people that you actually invest in the things that matter. One of those things is making everyone feel secure inside. By updating your access control system to meet the demands of modern times, your business will benefit.

With Alarm Masters, Your Security Systems are Always Updated

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