With business getting bigger and technology becoming more and more integrated, security control is also rising. There is an increasing number of companies that provide sophisticated access control systems for businesses, and this is mainly because buyers are changing and business owners are beginning to recognize the importance of securing their premises.

Since the technology is and has been steadily rising, let’s take a look at some of the fastest-growing cloud access control companies and see what they can offer.

1.     Latch

Latch is quite the technological pioneer, using its own proprietary operating system, LatchOS, to provide different security modules, including Smart Access and Guest & Delivery Management.

Latch allows doors to be unlocked not only with a door code or a keycard but also through their Latch App or even an Apple Watch. The access control system can be managed directly through Latch Manager, a cloud-based enterprise designed to manage buildings with complicated and extensive security layouts.

With all these technological features and innovations, Latch is clearly targeting those who want top-level security and maximized technological integration.

On June 4, 2021, Latch officially became a public company through a merger with TS Innovation Acquisitions Corp., a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC). It is officially listed on Nasdaq under the symbol “LTCH.” With this move, the future seems bright for Latch, having been valued at over $1.5 billion after its initial public offering.

2.     Openpath

The primary thing that Openpath advertises on their website is the 100% touchless access control system they offer.

Their main sell is that they can cater to any establishment looking for keyless access, from single doors in homes to multi-site enterprises requiring intricate security layouts.

With their cloud-based software that allows management from anywhere, Openpath’s access control system is also quite convenient with multiple access methods. Users can open doors using their phones, keycards, fobs, the Apple Watch, and even their hands.

Their access control system also uses an open API, allowing developers and power users to build their own web or mobile integrations with Openpath.

They also have Occupancy Management, which tracks a building’s occupancy rate in real-time with Openpath Premium, Bluetooth, or capacity counters. This technology is particularly useful in an age where laws impose maximum occupancy thresholds in indoor areas. The Occupancy Management tool does not just show the number of people in a building; it can also count populations in particular areas, so users know which ones are reaching full capacity.

By tailoring its services to the needs of present society, Openpath shows the world that it’s positioned to be a high-value player in the security and technology industries.

3.     Brivo

Brivo is an access control company making the headlines recently for its security innovations, like Brivo Complete, Smart Readers, and Brivo Visitor. It has even been hailed as the global leader in cloud-based access control, and for a good reason.

Unlike most entries on the list, Brivo is not just the fastest-growing cloud-based access control company. It’s one of the leaders and trailblazers in the industry, having been established over 20 years ago.

In May 2021, Brivo was honored as a Stevie Awards Winner and received the BIG Innovation Award. Their products deliver across a wide range of capabilities, from access control to video surveillance and visitor management. Like Openpath, they also have an Open API platform, allowing developers to create their own custom access solution to address industry- or building-specific needs.

While most access control companies cater primarily to enterprises, Brivo takes it a step further and provides different tailored services to enterprises, manufacturers, educational institutions, religious institutions, and even vacation rentals.

True to its name as an industry leader, Brivo’s services include solutions for COVID safety like visitor reporting, user contact reporting, and vaccine validation. They also offer emergency lockdown services if there is an urgent need to immediately secure everyone’s physical safety.

4.     Assa Abloy

Assa Abloy is a Swedish access control company with a worldwide presence. Like Brivo, it also touts itself as a global leader in access solutions, and it definitely has the credentials to back up its claims.

With operations in more than 70 countries, Assa Abloy offers plenty of security solutions designed to address specific needs. More than just access control, Assa Abloy also offers automated entrances, hotel security, identification management, and mobile access.

Assa Abloy has 190 brands in its portfolio. This impressive list includes some of the world’s top security and access control companies like Yale, HID Global, and August Home.

In 2021, the company made moves to further expand its reach, acquiring MR Group’s hardware division in Portugal, acquiring Sure-Loc in the USA, and investing in Paravision in the US. With moves like these aimed at securing its position in the industry, it’s easy to see how Assa Abloy will continue to be a strong name in the security business for years to come.

5.     Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls has been in the access control industry for well over a hundred years, and its growth has shown no signs of slowing down. Their global portfolio is among the largest, including building products, software, technologies, and services.

The company’s worldwide sales are valued at more than $22 billion, and it is ranked 439thon the Fortune 500 Global List. It is also listed as JCI on the New York Stock Exchange.

Their access control system offers users a choice between electronic access control, hosted access control, physical access control, biometrics access control, or even a mix of these different variations, depending on the customers’ unique needs.

With a multitude of access control hardware and software along with cloud-based management, Johnson Controls’ services go above and beyond today’s minimum standards, offering top-level security and access control that can put even the most worried minds at ease.

The past few years have seen the security industry blossom. This has been primarily driven by restrictions and changes brought about by law and health needs. When you’re looking for a solution to provide a high level of security, you don’t want to settle for anything less than the best.