Access control systems provide a new means of security for offices. Traditional security systems only used manual entry logging and security personnel.  

With access control systems, access and authorization restrictions are automated and tracked in real time. The automation of security has become the selling point of access control systems. Many businesses now turn to access control systems for more complex security measures.  

Various offices and business buildings use biometrics for their employees’ time in and out. Some use keycards or passwords for entry verification. User recognition provides advancement for security measures that access control takes advantage of.

Access control systems feature five benefits that may interest you in transitioning to them for your business:

1. Synchronized security

Access control systems use the cloud to store data. The cloud centralizes all of the information gathered into one place. You and your employees can access it from anywhere as long as you are granted permission.

You can also assign restrictions for entry in certain places or to certain files with access control systems. You have total control of the security.

The automation provided by access control systems eliminates security concerns from you and your employees. Using keycards, passwords, or biometrics eliminates the worry of either using or misplacing keys.  

The traditional security systems can be a hassle because tracking who has the keys to which rooms is tedious and crippling. The person who has the keys needs to be on-site. Fear of breaking into private rooms can be anxiety-inducing for business owners.

Updates on security systems can be done quickly and remotely. No need for large hardware or the latest security. The security system provider can easily update the access control system for your business without stepping into your office.

This implies longer productive hours for you as it prevents down time during business hours when security maintenance needs to be made.

2. Cost-cutting and increased profits: No need for more security personnel

Access control systems cut the costs for hiring security personnel. You can have on-site information technology personnel for immediate security resolutions. They may need to authorize the entry of unexpected guests if it cannot be granted remotely.  

Troubleshooting security problems becomes easier since the access control systems take log of both entries and company file usage. They promote a culture of trust and discipline with your personnel as it makes them aware that malicious intent increases their liability to the team.

Automation of security allows employees to focus on their work, leading to an increase in productivity. You may have set a goal or benchmark for your employees and business that will be more attainable.  

Creating the workspace intended for increased productivity also increases your employee satisfaction. You make a conducive environment for them even if you can only remotely supervise them.

Your business may require regular physical interaction with your clients. Security must be one of your top priorities. Access control systems allow you to redirect your focus to your business agenda.

3. High resolution video surveillance

Access control systems integrate video surveillance in their security measures. The usage of cloud allows up to 4K resolution video surveillance. All of your data will be stored in the cloud, so you do not have to worry about storage space.

Having your data in a cloud allows retrieval of history feeds when you need it. A data breach may have happened, or a client may be requesting help to locate something they think they misplaced at your store.  

Access control systems require less personnel, so you would no longer need to hire someone to watch all of the feeds as customary in traditional security. You can access them all from any of the devices synchronized to your business’s server.

Some access control systems can alert you when unexpected movements happen in your store. With 24/7 surveillance, you can track immediate problems that arise in your store. This helps you even when you only track your offices remotely.

Someone may have attempted to trespass your property or break in. You can immediately track them for communication with the authorities at a later time. Sharing your video feeds becomes easy with the usage of cloud servers.

4. Additional security measures

No need for you to worry about lost keycards or keys. Access control systems can disable lost keycards and biometrics in real-time. This saves you both money on the replacements and time spent on increasing the level of security.

You may also choose to increase the variety of identifiers. For example, you may opt for a multi-factor authentication (most use two-factor authentication). You can register both fingerprints and passwords. Others pair fingerprints with retina scans.  

Additional security measures can lead to better hospitality as well. If your entries heavily use biometrics, such as fingerprints, some may choose to enter their password or use voice recognition.

You increase the number of entry options without compromising the level of security for your business. Automation tremendously helps you in keeping track of all of these.  

Some workspaces feature personalization in their access control systems, allowing ease of access and faster verification. You can set individual rooms as available to some employees and restricted to others.

All of these features become extremely helpful during holidays and after hours. These security measures maintain the security at your site despite everyone’s absence.

5. Data analytics and dashboard

Access control systems allow you to review your access conditions and restriction parameters. Everything can be viewed in an app that provides you a bird-eye view of all of your security data.

Reviewing your data may compel you to allocate your resources for business improvement. You may realize that you will need more surveillance cameras or that you need more authentication options.

Some employees can be involved in the feedback. You can intertwine it with the quantitative reports from the access control systems.

Your dashboard, which is usually located in your app, gives you the immediate logistics of your security. It reassures you that everything remains functional and operational. It can also serve as your control panel when you need to immediately restrict or grant access.

Your dashboard represents a centralized control over all of your infrastructure, including your company’s files.  

You can set the app to alert you through notifications. It puts you on top of things and prevents potential disasters.

Access control systems provide you an automated, all-in-one security apparatus, and full control over your business. The benefits of keeping access control systems prolong your business as it lessens your worries even in a remote setting.

The benefits increase the quality and security of your workspace. Control and supervision over your business allow you to focus more on your business goals.