Making an initial investment and revenue losses are only two of the challenges faced by most companies today. These problems are mostly the results of the economic impact of the pandemic situation that we are still currently experiencing. Due to this situation, many business owners have been very wary of investing in new things and systems for their business.

One of the initial investments that a business owner should prioritize is their company's security system, which protects their assets. In this way, owners will reduce the risks of letting the company face consequences brought by different kinds of security threats.

Nowadays, most business owners already know the importance of incorporating access control and video surveillance features in their security systems.  However, many of them are still not fully aware of the benefits of having an integrated security system.

What is an Integrated Security System?

Combining all security features using one system is called an Integrated Security System. Through this system, all these features can work together. There has already been an evident increase in companies deciding to integrate their security systems instead of getting them from different security providers.

Besides, support and maintenance of systems from different providers can be a burden in the long run. Since access control and surveillance cameras are considered essential in every security-related concern of a company, integrating these two features has become a common and practical decision for business owners.

Advantages of Integrating Access Control and Video Surveillance

Enhanced Security Features

An integrated access control and video surveillance has been chosen by most of the large companies today because of this benefit. Combining your company’s access control and video surveillance systems creates an enhanced and high-level security feature for your property through the following:

Real-Time Monitoring

Real-time monitoring is one of the perks of having an integrated access control with video surveillance. This monitoring setup can reduce the cases of tampering with video records. It also lets the owners and authorized company employees check and access the video anytime and anywhere.

Detection Accuracy

This integrated system also provides accurate face and data recognition, given that two of the most important features in the security system were combined.

For example, if an unauthorized person was able to go through and access the inside of your premises, the standalone access control systems cannot determine whether he is unauthorized or not since the intruder already gained access. But through an integrated system, video surveillance can easily alert the servers should an unauthorized person try to enter your company’s premises.

This system can also detect unusual activities through the help of an AI, or Artificial Intelligence.

Reduce Costs

As soon as you hear the words “integrate” and “upgrade”, you just can't help thinking about the additional expense. While this might be the case for some, we are here to give you a brief explanation as to why it is an advantage for you to integrate your access control and video surveillance in terms of cost reduction.

Indeed, the initial purchasing costs of an integrated system are more expensive compared to standalone systems. Yet, it is also important for you to take into consideration the other expenses of standalone systems. In the long run, standalone systems can give you more headaches since they need individual maintenance and supports servers.

The overhead expenses of your security personnel and staff can also be reduced through this integrated system. Hiring a lot of security staff won’t be needed in this kind of arrangement since most of the controls will become automated.


Operating and maintaining different kinds of standalone security systems require a lot of effort and time on the part of the users. The learning process concerning the operation and functions of each system can be time-consuming.

Well, will it be the same case for integrated systems since they are more “advanced”?

No. This is because the system can be fully automated and digital, depending on the owner’s customization requirement. Integrating access control and video surveillance into one system requires minimal staff or operator intervention. In such a way, integrated systems are easier to use.

Since the end-user of the system will still be your staff, it is best to give them a platform that can be easily managed.

Data Centralization

Creating more centralized data means an efficient way of handling your company’s data and information. Combining access control and video surveillance systems leads to a single platform or interface that the operator needs to view and check. Data centralization gives an avenue to address incidents and unexpected situations in the company easier and faster.

With everyone and everything going online today, hackers have also been trying to up their game as they can get more access to data nowadays compared to before. While these hackers have been developing their strategies, centralizing your data into one platform will make it more secure and protected.

All in all, these six benefits are only a few of the many advantages that having an integrated access control and video surveillance system can offer. In a business world where we continue to face new and rising challenges concerning security every day, trying new things outside of your comfort zone will most likely be beneficial for you and the people around you.

While keeping up with innovative technological and digital transformation nowadays would be hard, especially for startup teams, it will always be important for you to realize that safety and security should be put at the forefront of your company’s goal.

We hope that this article was able to explain and simplify the benefits that you can enjoy from having an integrated security system.

If you have more security-related concerns, we will be more than happy to chat with you. A variety of other security systems articles can also be found on our website.