Your job may demand your full attention day in and out, and you don't want to have your security compromised while you invest attention in your work. The best security systems with mobile control allow you to have remote access to your security from outside your home.

What should you look for when it comes to security systems? The ones with mobile control may top your list due to their convenience. Pricing, installment, and functions must be considered, as you want to keep your security top-notch even when it is running in your life’s background.

The list below contains the security systems that allowed many consumers to live their lives with ease due to their security measures. The automation of these systems lessens your daily security worries and burden. Most of them include the function of calling authorities if needed.


Vivint prides itself in its state-of-the-art AI security for its users. Amongst the most trusted brands of security systems, they are the only one that offers this feature.

Their AI adjusts to the routines of the household. It has the ability to prevent thefts due to tracking of unknown movements different to the routine of the household. It adapts to lifestyle shifts and unexpected security threats by alerting the users through the app.

Its functions extend to automation of turning off lights, opening and closing of doors, and remote adjustment of heat. Each member of the household can register in their app, distributing the responsibility among those in the household.

Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Z-Wave devices are compatible with the Vivint Security system.

Some users may find Vivint to be relatively pricey compared to its competitors. It requires a subscription to a more advanced plan for better surveillance storage. Their upfront fee is $599 and they do not offer any free trials. Their monthly subscription starts at $29.99.


SimpliSafe is a DIY security system that caters more to people living in small homes. It takes no more than 30 minutes to set up.

Their app has a user-friendly design that includes live video feed and email alerts. The security system and its app allow video sharing. Other alerts include dispatching police, firemen, and paramedics when needed. It keeps logs of the opening and closing of doors.

Both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa can be used with SimpliSafe.

SimpliSafe lives up to its name when it comes to fees. They have no installation or cancellation fees. Their equipment costs $229 with a 60-day money back guarantee, a three-year warranty, and a penalty-free cancellation. This suits the people who are new to security systems.

Their monthly subscription ranges from $14.99- $24.99, which is a low-cost maintenance fee for high quality security.

Some consumers may find their upfront cost to be expensive. SimpliSafe is subpar when it comes to outdoor surveillance compared to the technology of its counterparts.


Frontpoint also offers a DIY security system. It is easy to set up and it needs no tools.

They feature a Crash and Smash protection, which alerts the system when a criminal attempts to destroy the security equipment. This is how they set themselves apart from their counterparts.

They are easily installed at home, but they also provide good service for outdoor surveillance. Their cameras are weatherproof with 24/7 surveillance. Since the equipment is DIY, the household members can easily move it as needed.

Moving from one home to another involves no disconnection penalty fee. You can take the units with your move and re-install them yourself in your new home.

Their app accommodates Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Z-Wave gadgets.

Frontpoint publishes all of their price plans. Their equipment costs $99. Their monthly subscription starts from $49.99, which includes the Crash and Smash protection. Some people may find their monthly subscription to be costly despite their cheap upfront cost.


ADT is America’s longest established home security company, lasting for 145 years and used by 8,000,000 people around the world. You will pay for the price of their robust security, but their credentials speak for the services they provide.

ADT features many security system options for their clients. If unsure, they provide customization tailored to your house’s needs. You avail it on top of their basic security system.

The customization personalizes the approach to security. They install sensors around your house that allow you to add remote security features. These sensors can be linked to your lights, doors, and other locks.

If you call them for installation before 2:00PM, you can have a same-day security system installation. You will be under a 36-month contract. But you no longer have to worry about the condition of your equipment.

ADT takes care of your equipment for you, periodically checking their condition. You are never offline with their security system because they offer you unlimited storage for your video feed. They can maintain this for you because they have nine large monitoring centers.

If you still find yourself unsure about their products (they offer no free trial) or about security systems in general, you can call them to ask for a free whole-home risk assessment. Many of their clients find their overall customer service supportive and helpful right from the start.

You will be charged $99 for the installation fee, but they provide all of the equipment you need without any cost. Their lowest monitoring price starts from $27.99, but many opt for a pricier plan for more of their security features.

Some clients find the monitoring price (monthly price) for their products expensive. They offer products with high monitoring prices. You may also find difficulty in signing a 36-month contract with them if you are uncertain about the duration of your stay at your current place.

The choice of a security system involves factors such as pricing, security guarantees, and location. Your choice must depend on your personal situation. You can always shop around before making a contract.

Think of the family members you live with, and that also contributes to the availing of your security system. Make sure your security system is automated so you can let it do its work in the background without you having to constantly monitor your home.

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